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About Us

Serving the San Fernando Valley

I started my practice of Chiropractic in 1981. The San Fernando Valley was my choice of location because it was an area I was familiar with, having been raised in Northridge for 10 years.

Quality Care for a Fair Price

At Active Care Chiropractic, we offer Chiropractic care for all ages in the San Fernando Valley

At Active Care Chiropractic, we offer Chiropractic care for
all ages in the San Fernando Valley


What I do is offer quality care for a fair price to families, singles and seniors who are not happy with the current results they are getting from their local M.D.

Spinal issues effect most people; only some know about the value of Chiropractic adjustments. What is missing in the community is the need to handle sports injuries without surgical intervention. This is where my expertise comes in.

We work on a whole team approach to return all humans back to a higher standard of living. People want affordable care to help them along their journey of life.

Our Mission at Active Care Chiropractic

“To restore and maintain all Humans with the power of the Chiropractic adjustment.” People need to hear the story of Chiropractic and the value and benefit it brings to the human being.

Patients from every walk of life come to our office

From near to far. People with spine issues along with extremity ones find their way to our office and we help restore them and their quality of life issues. They can be actively involved with friends and loved ones on a more regular schedule.

Can we Help you?

Most people want to know if you can help them. They have been searching for answers and help. When they arrive at my door, pain is a big factor and must be dealt with to restore their quality of life issue.

We have too many choices to make that many times don’t benefit us in the long run. Short term fixes are the theme of the day. We must take the time to look at where we are and chose the things that will give us long term results.

Choose Chiropractic Care!

I would love to see less people in pain and their bodies working at optimum; restoring and maintaining their life through Chiropractic care.

We as humans are made up of physical, emotional and spiritual elements. The need to work on these daily is important to our well being. Staying true to exercise, eating right and getting rest and relaxation will balance us.

Sound interesting? Please contact us in either our Tarzana or Westlake Village Chiropractic practice to make an appointment.

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