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Exercises and Handouts to Help You Feel Your Best

Breathing Technique

breathing technique handout

Download PDF Of Breathing Technique

Perfect Posture

posture graphic

Download PDF Of Perfect Posture

Spinal Rotation Exercise

Spinal rotation exercises

Download PDF Of Spinal Rotation Exercise

Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers handout

Download PDF Of Foot Levelers

Foam Rolling Methods

Foam rolling instructions 1
Foam rolling instructions 2

Download PDF Of Foam Roller Instructions

Difference Between MD and DC

Doctor and Chiropractor chart

Download PDF Of Difference Between MD and DC

Benefits of Water

Benefits of water handout

Download PDF Of Benefits of Water

Walk For Life

Walk For Life

Walking is so powerful. It has so many benefits. From improving your physiology to enhancing your emotional/spiritual wellbeing. It will leave you with a perspective that changes your heart.

Let’s list the many benefits:

  • Muscle tone increased.
  • heart rate increased.
  • Lung capacity enlarged.
  • Head spaced cleared.
  • Calmness given.
  • Happiness restored.
  • Relationships strengthened.
  • Awe and wonder given back.
  • Curiosity brought back.
  • All 5 senses enhanced.

There are numerous ways to create a fun and enjoyable walking experience. You can make it a short walk or long. That will depend on the time you allow. The ideal time is 1 hour, but even 15 minutes will influence you.

Let’s lists the many ways of walking for life:

  • Nature walks: 5 senses aroused.
  • Cardio walks: Measuring heartbeat.
  • Nordic walks: Walk with poles.
  • Labyrinth walks: Walking to a destination and back.
  • Litter cleanup walks: Bags and friends
  • Charity walks: Giving back.
  • Foraging walks: Identifying edible plants or mushrooms
  • Geocaching walks: Using GPS to find items on a walk/hike.
  • Awe and wonder walks: looking at the wonderful creations we have
  • Friendship walks: Sharing life experiences.

Walks for kids:

  • Scavenger walks: what nature has for us.
  • Color/smell walks: Finding the beauty of nature.
  • “I Spy” walks: sharpening our senses.
  • Conversation walk’s: focusing on relationships.

Walking briskly everyday will change you life.

Get out and make it fun. Pleasure is far more exciting and pain.

Download the Walking for Life PDF

The Natural Laws of Life and Health

The Natural Laws of Life and Health

Download PDF of The Natural Laws of Life and Health

Nine Ways to Make A Difference

Nine Ways to Make A Difference handout

Download PDF of Nine Ways to Make A Difference

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